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The importance of proper landscaping/tidy garden spaces 

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and never judge a book by its cover!  This might be true when referring to people, however with property, first impressions really count.  A buyer views the outdoor space first, and big mistake a property owner can make, is to concentrate on the interior forgetting about the exterior.

Proper landscaping doesn’t have to break the bank and can add in the region of 10% to a sale price.  Our experience allows us to look with a fresh perspective and make recommendations for improvement.  Our motivation is the same as yours to maximise your property’s value.

Here are some of the most important areas with suggestions of how to improve:


Check for oil stains, paint, loose stones.  Make sure there are no cracks running through it as this might give a potential buyer some cause for concern.


Well maintained lawns look great. If the grass is growing patchy you can always spread grass seed. A lush lawn is a popular draw card for many home buyers.  For smaller areas, synthetic turf is a popular option. It is also important to keep edges of lawns tidy which takes a lot of effort whereas a professional landscaper will have the tools to complete the task.


Fresh mulch such as bark tidies up a garden bed and gives an impression of it being low maintenance.

Garden beds

Weed all garden beds and in the summer months check that plants/flowers are blossoming.  Most plant stores offer potted plants at a good price.

Hanging plants

A pop of colour can make quite a difference. They can also hang from pergolas. Just as flowers brighten up an interior, they also look great outdoors.

Potted plants

Ultimately the outdoor entrance area should be clean, and not cluttered.  Add a bit of greenery with some stunning potted plants for plant staging (another Market Ready service).


Always check for rotten boards or nails sticking up.  A good water blast will have these looking new.


A fence is a frame for your property, and here you can either paint, stain or just water blast.  If your fence is a little dated, then replace it an aesthetically pleasing one.


A functional outdoors area needs shade.  The addition of a pergola or other type of shade cover is worth the investment.

Water features

Water features give a sense of calm.  Make sure it is working and visible not covered with foliage.

Garden art

Garden Art can make a nice addition to a garden. Choose wisely her as Art is a very personal choice.

Garden Furniture

If outdoor furniture is in good condition then it can remain. Alternatively put away any unnecessary pieces in storage or donate to an opshop.  Add some colour where possible with cushions.

Play equipment

We recommend removing play equipment as it looks cluttered and not all your buyers will have children.  However, if it’s a permanent fixture, make sure it gets a fresh coat of paint and make it safe for children.

Swimming Pool

If you have a pool. make sure it’s clean and functional and all your fencing is intact.  It could be a big draw card to a potential buyer.

Your new outdoor space will look great in all the marketing photos and whilst your house is on the market you get a chance to enjoy the space you’ve created.

Most importantly, if you’d like us to look at your outdoor space, to find out what’s possible, contact us for a free quote.