Award Winning Agents, Gary, Vicki and Andrew Wallace

Gary, Vicki and Andrew Wallace

Award-Winning Agents

Gary, Vicki, and Andrew Wallace are highly successful and formidable award-winning Real Estate Agents.  Together they achieved awards such as Bayleys’ ‘top residential salesperson’ for the last eight years running.  They have also received awards for the country’s top salesperson across all market sectors between 2010 and 2016.

Highly skilled at selling property, Gary and Vicki have passed on their love of selling Real Estate to their 3 sons.   The whole family has at some time or another, changed careers to Real Estate sales.   It was Vicki who made the first change in career, and Gary joined 2 years later.

Keeping it in the Family

With Andrew now joining Gary and Vicki at Bayleys, Remuera, they have a very balanced skillset.  Gary is a negotiator and enjoys Auctions.  Vicki's strength is communication and Andrew brings to the team, fresh innovative thinking.  Combined, they offer clients the very best abilities, to sell homes for the highest value.

Outside of Work

When not selling real estate, Gary can be found in his spare time on the golf course with his sons. Another passion is breeding racehorses in partnership with friends.  The whole family also has very strong local ties and is very involved with the community.

If you are looking for a great experience in the sale of your home that is free of stress.  Give any one of them a call.

Market Ready has worked closely with and Gary and Vicki over the years.  We help clients who are looking to get their property ready to sell.  We have enjoyed working with them over the years and we know you will too.

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