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Christopher Valladares – Ray White

Christopher Valladares builds solid relationships.

Christopher Valladares is a valued member of Ray White, Mt Albert. In addition to his excellent track record and customer service.  Specifically, what stands out, is his commitment to work hard and listen. Furthermore, the ability to follow through, is how Christopher builds solid relationships.  He maintains those relationships through effective communication.

Twenty-Two years of Interior Design Management

Twenty-Two years in Interior Design means Christopher has an excellent eye for detail.  To this end, his knowledge of design & refurbishment is vast. This provides great value to his clients. Christopher is efficient and thrives on challenges.  Additionally, he has Trade Certification, and Diplomas in both Business Management, and Personnel Management.

What value can Christopher Valladares offer you?

Experienced with investment properties and property development. In particular, this gives him broad confidence to understand the property market.  More importantly, he can advise Vendors and Purchasers of opportunities the market offers. Christopher Valladares, has some basic promises, to always:

  • dedicate himself to provide you with a service beyond your expectations.
  • to be honest and forthcoming with his information and recommendations.
  • to see opportunities, where others don’t.

Family and community are very important to Christopher.  Subsequently, he dedicates considerable time to helping those in need with St Vincent de Paul.

Bottom Line, Christopher is someone you can rely on.  Undoubtedly he will do this by providing you outstanding results.

If you would like to get in contact with Christopher Valladares you can follow this link or head over to his Facebook page.

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