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Drew Miller – Central Realty

 "He who laughs loudest sells houses".

Ok, we know this isn't an actual quote!  However, if there was it would be describing Drew Miller of North Shore Real Estate.  Instantly recognisable by his infectious laughter, Drew has an impressive sales record.   It is Drew's outgoing personality that you will notice upon first introduction.   In a similar fashion, it really highlights a genuine enthusiasm and passion for selling Real Estate.  Most importantly, in this case, your Real Estate.

It's not just Drew's gift of the gab that makes him stand out,  but his knowledge of navigating the complexities of selling real estate. To this end, he has built a solid foundation of clients in his community through his professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to always putting his client’s needs first.  Transparency for Drew is key to a successful outcome in all his dealings.

Conjunctional Property Listing

Interestingly Drew Miller, is one of the few Agents in Auckland to offer a full conjunctional property listing.  To illustrate, this is a method whereby Agents from different companies, collaborate to secure a sale for a vendor.  A huge benefit of this method is that your property will get better exposure to a wider number of potential buyers.  Beyond that, a Conjunctional sale doesn't cost you, the seller any more money. You only pay Drew the agreed amount. This is because, in effect, by granting conjunction to another agent, Drew has hired a sub-agent to help sell the property. This is an agreement between Drew and his sub-agent so the commission division of the selling fee is allocated between them. Buying or selling a property through a conjunctional agent will not affect the purchaser or the vendor.  It's a win-win.

Testimonials and Due Diligence

Passionate about helping his Clients secure the ideal outcome, Drew has continued to leverage his know-how and experience to exceed his client’s expectations.  For that reason, his references are impeccable and very precise.  Drew encourages all of his potential new clients to do due diligence before appointing him.  Subsequently, you will be able to interpret from their honest reviews if you think Drew will be a good fit for you.

Active in the community, a keen car enthusiast, and boat owner, Drew is always on the go.  Consequently, his outgoing, straight-shooting no-nonsense approach is what draws people to him.

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Market Advantage

If you are looking for an Agent with experience, market advantage, strong negotiating skills, and excellent references.  Look no further.  Drew means what he says, and combines that with his fluency in the language of Real Estate.   For these reasons, you'd be hard-pressed to find a nicer or more qualified Agent to help you sell your home.

Market Ready Advantage

Market Ready offers a service, that like Drew, wants to do the best by the sale of your property.   Our recommendations have proven to add value and maximise the property's potential for many of our clients   We find the most qualified tradespeople at the best prices, with proven skills to get the job done.  Best of all, you only have to deal with one person to achieve this.

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