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Are you looking to stand out from a multitude of other Agents?  Is the mass of marketing that you need to do in order to generate leads taking up all your time?  If yes is the answer to either one of these questions, then you might like a little bit of assistance from Fly Me High.


If you've been in the Real Estate business for a while you may have developed meaningful relationships with your clients which in turn generates repeat and referral business.  However, for some newcomers to the business, it's hard to generate new leads.

John McCarthy of Fly Me High is well aware of the challenges that Agents face with finding listing opportunities.    John started out as a Real Estate Agent himself and then ventured into the Advertising World.  These experiences led him to create Fly Me High and a  lead generation system that is very simple to use.


How it works

To use the system it all you need to do is join up on the website and enter a postcode that you service.  You will receive a text with a brief overview of a lead with CV, Street Name, and reason for selling.  Your next step is to say whether you would like to purchase the Lead which costs you Leads costs $49.75 plus GST.

This system is so effective, it can save you literally hours of time spent on marketing and not to mention all the other costs incurred.


What Agents Say

If you want to know what other Agents think check out the testimonials.   The comments will confirm that John's system has increased their number of leads with very profitable returns.  Clients of John's testify that John is always on the mark and he is true to his word.  To this end, he is consistently delivering high converting leads.

Whether you're a Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, or Insurance Agent, The Fly Me High, System is certainly getting people talking and the results.


Additional Support

There are lots of additional offerings with Fly Me High, such as the Altitude Course.  This FREE Course has been created for Members of Fly Me High to learn techniques of Lead Generation.  There is also a Lead Generation Road Map which offers information on how to get leads without cold calling and too much technical knowledge.


If you're looking to save yourself time, money, and stress, perhaps Fly Me High is a viable option for you.  Links provided below.


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