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Judith Everitt and Peter Chatteris

Judith Everitt and Peter Chatteris are a formidable team

Partners in business and life, Judith Everitt and Peter Chatteris combine the best of their abilities.   Consequently, they provide a unique skill set that works to their advantage.

Peter is a communications expert with sought after negotiation and sales skills.  In addition, Judith maintains "elite" status and is recognised as being both compassionate and professional.  Together JEPC (as they are often known) is a formidable team.  For this reason, Judith and Peter offer a good deal of value for their clients.

Open Communication

Jude and Pete are honest and open in communications which forms part of their core beliefs.  In addition, they have strong connections in the local St Heliers community.   In particular, Pete's public speaking skillset has seen him involved in many local events.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials often highlight Judith and Peter for having a "unique" communications style.  For instance, if you want, you can experience their uniqueness in their regular Facebook "live chats".   It is here, they chat and share insights into the current market.

If you really want to get a feel for who Jude and Pete are, we recommend you check out their Social Media pages and visit their website.

To learn more visit Facebook, and get in touch visit their website.

Furthermore, as a small boutique business, Market Ready offers a single point project management for busy professionals.

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