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Lisa McCarthy – My Top Agent

My Top Agent, how it all started.

In 2015 Lisa McCarthy was looking to sell her property.  Consequently, she found herself spending many weeks, searching through newspapers and websites in order to find a suitable Agent. For the most part, she found plenty to choose from, however, there was a lack of data to back up their claims to being "Top Agents".

Lisa knew, that there must be a better way.  To this end, My Top Agent was created and it forged a clearer path for Vendors looking for Top Agents specific to their area.

Data and Sales Statistics

My Top Agent's head office is based in Auckland New Zealand and comprises a team that is highly passionate about Real Estate.  A very large proportion of the team's time is spent researching the internet and social media. Also, more importantly, My Top Agent has access to independent data and sales statistics that are not readily available to the general public.  It is with this information and Data that My Top Agent, have been able to create a profiling tool which helps vendors find Top  Agents.  In particular, it is My Top Agent's aim to make the process as easy as possible and they make a point of keeping things plain and simple.

One of the most surprising things is that this service provided by My Top Agent is free to Vendors.  They have developed a unique way of seeking out Agents locally who have sold similarly valued properties.  By identifying the 20% of agents who sell 80% of the properties they are able to fine-tune their results.

Real Estate Insights

The Unique Property Profiler Tool that you will gain access to, provides in-depth insights that all form part of your free report.  The information you will receive includes :

  1. Comparisons through Market Analysis
  2. Details about Properties
  3. Sales recently occurred
  4. Listings that are current
  5. Sales Map with information on comparable properties
  6. Listings Map of Comparable Properties
  7. Price trends over time
  8. 5 Year trend in sales comparisons.

Additional Real Estate Resources

In addition to offering a free service, My Top Agent site is a treasure trove of other resources.   Within the site, there are also many downloadable guides.  Some of which include information on "how to negotiate with your agent"and "how to prepare your home for selling".  Regular contributions to their blog mean that you can also gain further insights into the property market, as and when it happens.

Time-Saving Solutions

Let's face it, selling your home is a big decision that requires a large proportion of your time in order to achieve the goals you would like.  Using a service like My Top Agent means that you can use your time more effectively, and not waste time researching the best agent.  Similarly, through working with Market Ready you can add value but save time.  Ian Morrow of Market Ready will consult and advise you on where you can maximize the value of your property in order to achieve your desired and recommended selling price.  You can view some of our testimonials here.