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Michelle Hicks – UP Real Estate

Who is Michelle Hicks?

Michelle Hicks is an agent that works in the Mt Eden area and surrounds.  As a local and mum to teenage girls, Michelle keeps her finger firmly on the pulse of the property market. In addition, she is quite involved in local community events and activities. For this reason, many of her clients establish early-on strong trust-based relationships with her.

Working with Council

Market Ready has had the pleasure of working with Michelle and her clients on several occasions. We have always appreciated Michelle's knowledge of renovation work and council requirements. Always friendly and approachable, Michelle can put even the most anxious of clients at ease. This in itself is an important quality in an agent, especially as we all know that buying and selling a property can be quite stressful.  With solid understanding and experience of dealing with different scenarios in the purchase and sale of a property. Michelle can easily negotiate and navigate her way confidently through the buying or selling process.

Why we like working with Michelle

Market Ready has worked with Michelle Hicks on over a dozen properties and has found her to be very creative with great ideas when doing up the property and a fantastic eye for the staging. Michelle has also sold many of our own and clients properties with great success. Highly recommended.


If you would like to contact Michelle you can do so through calling the number below or visiting UP Real Estate

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