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Tracey Warner – Loan Market

What can Tracey Warner offer you?

Tracey Warner from Loan Market has over 10 years of experience working as a mortgage broker offering financial solutions.   As a result of working both here in NZ and in the UK Tracey has a very broad knowledge and expertise in this field.    Her experience also includes working and finding support from non-bank lenders.  Consequently, Tracey is able to find more solutions to your lending with greater ease.

Let Tracey Warner Navigate the Mortgage Process

First Time Home Buyers can find the whole mortgage process very confusing, especially with understanding all the "terms".  As a result, Tracey has become passionate about helping these buyers and others, navigate the whole process.  She firmly believes that everyone should be in a position to own their own home.  To this end, she will advise and seek out the best deals possible to suit your lifestyle.

A mortgage broker is not only there to help you with purchasing a property.  Tracey nurtures ongoing relationships with her clients and can assist them during difficult times when they might need to re-finance.  Additionally, with her knowledge, she is able to help with debt consolidation.

Having the right information at the right time.

During the COVID 19 Lockdown, Tracey was a great support to her clients as everyone became unsure of their mortgages and how to survive.  There were many mixed messages regarding mortgage holidays and through the use of Social Media, Tracey provided great support.

As a mum of two, Tracey enjoys spending her free time at their sporting events.  Usually, when she is not working or enjoying family time, she enjoys paddle boarding, gym, shopping, and a glass of wine with friends.  Tracey believes life is all about balance and maintains that good financial advice can keep unnecessary stress out of the equation whenever possible.

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