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Ruoxi Wang & Dickson Lee : NZ Premium Homes

What are some of the benefits of working with Ruoxi & Dickson?

Ruoxi Wang & Dickson Lee of NZ Premium Homes offer a unique experience for their clients.  As a result of both studying and practicing Law, Ruoxi and Dickson offer this knowledge to their service.  In addition, through the use of cutting edge digital marketing, they ensure that their clients gain maximum exposure in a competitive market.

What doe NZ Premium Homes offer?

In addition to a legal background, they both speak English and Mandarin fluently.  Also since 2018, Ruoxi sold just under $35 million in Eastern Suburbs & Central Auckland.  To this end, Ruoxi now finds herself to be a source of information to others.

Dickson's strengths include infinite attention to detail, strong negotiation skills, and a conscientious commitment to client care.  Accordingly, he was recognised as a top Finance lawyer (2018/2019).    Just 3 months after Dickson joined Ruoxi, they sold a combined value of  $17 million.  Pretty amazing really.

Young and ambitious team Ruoxi & Dickson get results.

Ambitious to grow their business, they achieved Premier Status 2018/19. Dynamic, forward-thinking, and motivated to achieve a very high success rate, Ruoxi and Dickson are a formidable team.

Marketing your property amongst other strategies includes creating an individual website for your home and proven success with Facebook Ads.

What do Ruoxi and Dickson's clients say?

Collectively client testimonials attest to the professionalism of Ruoxi and Dickson.  In addition, they mention they possess excellent communication with a fresh perspective.  Ultimately a vendor is looking for a great sale price and according to their reviews, a high percentage of homes are sold well above valuation.

If you would like to reach out to them and  "Experience the Difference" visit NZ Premium Homes.  You can also gain some insight as to who they are by following their Facebook Page.


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