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Vicky Holder – Real Words

Who is Vicky Holder of Real Words?

Vicky Holder of Real Words is an experienced and creative content marketer.  To begin with, Vicky worked as a journalist and magazine editor.  Subsequently, she has carved out a niche in the Real Estate Industry.

One of the requirements of a website is to be able to hold the attention of visitors.  To this end,  content is key and should be a priority.  Together with great images, the copy should be engaging and interesting.  Therefore, the hiring of a professional copywriter is essential.

What can Vicky do for you as an Agent or Vendor?

Agents have benefitted from Vicky's offerings in a number of ways.   In particular, Vicky writes Bios, Ads, Blogs, and Website copy.


To begin with, vendors are likely to choose an agent they feel a connection with.  For the most part, a well-written bio will provide a good insight into an agent's personality and experience.

Property Ads

A property ad's main function is to get attention which can be done with an image or video.  However, it is the copy that tells the story of a property. Ad copy that is written with a target market in mind can attract more buyers.


Blogs are a means of improving your website SEO.  Equally, they are a means to showcase an Agencies knowledge base by providing valuable information. Therefore, is imperative that the copy is engaging and interesting to hold people's attention and possibly share for further reach.

Social Media

Social Media is often the first introduction to a business.  Here you want to be able to shine and encourage people to take action.  Together with good visuals, copy that engages is more likely to result in conversions.

Email Newsletters

Keeping your clients/vendors up to date with Agency news is good practice.  It also provides you with a platform to promote properties or important business information.  If a newsletter is well thought out and interesting then it is more likely to be opened.  Coming up with catchy titles and engaging content is easy for Vicky Holder.

If you would like to learn more about the value of hiring a professional copywriter. Get in touch with Vicky of Real Words today.

For examples of Vicky's writing visit Real Words website.

Market Ready Collaboration

When Market Ready was looking to produce resources to help Agents and their Clients Vicky was the best person to collaborate with.  The result has been a video "5 top tips for writing effective Ad copy" and a blog on how to write Agent Bios.