Selling in Auckland but live elsewhere?. Market Ready can help.

Out of town clients. Selling in Auckland but live elsewhere? Market Ready can help .

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What happens if you live outside of Auckland and need someone to help with getting your property ready to sell?

Life can sometimes be a little unexpected and take us to different places. You might even find yourself one day living elsewhere but you have a property to sell in Auckland. In this blog we explain how we can help even if you are not able to be on site.   If your property needs a refresh or some minor work done Market Ready can help you.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration

It can be quite time consuming getting quotes and finding the right tradesmen for the job.  There are many reasons why you need to oversee this work. Most importantly for quality control.  How do you know that what they are doing is going to add value to your property? This is exactly the kind of work that we do at Market Ready.  Only difference is that we already have the best team of tradesmen with a very wide skill set, that we know and trust to do fantastic work.  Our Clients lay testament to this fact.

Sally’s Story

Sally is one of our out of town clients. She lives in Rotorua, and has used Market Ready on a few occasions.  As the owner of rental properties in Auckland Sally has relied on Ian’s expert knowledge and advice.  “Ian is fantastic and very efficient” says Sally of the work that he has done recently.  “Ian managed to meet all the deadlines, which needed a very quick turnaround and he was,  very much a pleasure to deal with”.  Trust is a very important factor in a long distance situation. This goes hand in hand with the importance of clear communication. Sally is quick to voice her confidence of Ian’s ability. Sally also acknowledges, that Ian’s advice is very valuable and consistently on the mark.

Rachel’s Story

Rachel needed a property in Auckland sold. Living in another city made things a little difficult – until she hired Market Ready. Rachel, in a recent review, said “I had a fantastic experience with Market Ready”. Using Ian and Market Ready’s service while living away from the property made it easy to manage the work required. Ian provided Rachel with regular updates and photos, which she greatly appreciated. Suitably impressed by the quality of the work, especially pleasing for Rachel was the attention given to the finishes.

Can’t get better than this.

It’s not hard to see that Ian Morrow has a passion for what he does and Rachel had this to say:

“Ian is passionate about doing this kind of work and it shows”. “We are truly grateful for the work that was done and our place had an early offer, with the auction being pulled forward”. “We believe that Market Ready helped us achieve this result”. 

This is the kind of feedback Market Ready thrives on. It is the ultimate reward for Ian and the Market Ready team.

Whatever your situation is that takes you out of town. Rest assured that if you need help with getting your property Market Ready, we can handle it all.   We would love the opportunity to help maximise your property’s value.

View some of our before and after pictures here. We also have some great testimonials here