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A virtual consultation is a new concept for Market Ready. What is the advantage of this no-obligation consultation? We believe our recommendations can add value to your property.

Joining the workforce to offer virtual services

The level 4 national lockdown puts us all in a different situation. We see a proportion of New Zealand’s workforce working remotely. This includes the Property Industry. This shift in the norm has required us all to adapt and think on our feet. We are having to be creative with the use of technology and its advances. Consequently some agencies are offering virtual auctions.

Making good out of a situation

Enforced isolation is a perfect time for you to be working on your property. In Particular, cooler weather provides the optimum environment for working outside. Waterproofing should be high on your priorities as well as major and minor repairs.

Professional advice

Market Ready is here to help homeowners listing their property after the isolation lockdown. Moreover, maximizing property value is what we do best. Our virtual property consultations are the perfect answer for every homeowner. The reason being, professional advise regarding improvements, means you can plan ahead.

What happens after the lockdown?

None of us can predict what will happen to the property market after lockdown. It could potentially take a little time for the market to settle. We can help you prepare for this eventuality.

Get in touch

Would you like to book your Virtual Property Consultation? Please contact Ian Morrow he will arrange a suitable time to video call you via Whats App.

Ian will (virtually) walk with you through your property. There is no obligation and Ian will provide you with expert feedback and recommendations.

Contact us here or call Ian to organize your video call on 0800 248 383

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