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Is now a good time to sell in Auckland?

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It wouldn’t be surprising if you were a little confused or unsure about the current housing market, post-COVID. By all accounts you and many others are asking the same million-dollar question, “is now a good time to sell in Auckland”?.

Conflicting reports in the press and through financial institutions

To be honest, there are a lot of conflicting reports both in the press and from various business advisers. Just this weekend a very relevant point was made on Linked In about Real Estate in NZ and reports that it is doing well. In truth, some sales records are showing, that different suburbs of Auckland are seeing their own unique results. It’s going to be different everywhere.

One thing you can be certain of is that life goes on despite the external influences. For some, it might look a little different to their expectations pre-COVID. However, people still need to downsize or upsize. Additionally, some families due to work restrictions or changes still need to change their location for work, or schooling.

Talk to an Agent in your Area

When is it a good time to sell? The best thing you could do in our opinion. Particularly at this time is talk to an Agent in your area. Since they will have insight into the local activity, they should be able to give you some sound advice. If you need to find an Agent that covers your area, you could try Agentfinder. Here you will find a service that matchmaker you to a fully vetted Agent. Agentfinder also offers some other great resources. To illustrate this, here is their opinion of the current Real Estate Market in NZ. Alternatively, visit our Featured Agent page.

It is interesting to see that Google search trends indicate a massive spike in searches for real estate in NZ. Could it be that people are thinking that NZ would be a great place to live? We’ve always known it. However, the World has fallen in love with our leadership. Consequently, NZ’ers abroad may be thinking post-COVID that they would like to return to our beautiful shores.

Use this time well.

Remember also that it is important to be proactive at the moment with the maintenance of your property. You don’t want to get caught out with lots of repairs, if and when you do decide to list. Check out our Market Ready services to see how we can help you in this area. To find out what our clients have to say, take some time to read their testimonials.

Another factor to take into consideration is many tradespeople currently need support. Their businesses too have suffered due to lockdown. It also pays to keep in mind, tradespeople will get busy, when the market does pick up. Subsequently, they may not be available, when you need them.