6 Things that influence buyers every property owner should know.

6 Things that Influence Buyers of Property

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What influences buyers of property?

How do you know what things influence potential buyers of property? Most people think that potential buyers look only at aesthetics.  In particular, the style/design of the building, outlook, layout of rooms, garaging, and location, just to name a few.

Experienced buyers know, however, that there are some equally important aspects of a property to take under consideration. For the most part, these things need to be addressed otherwise could prove expensive in the future. Unfortunately in any given situation any one of the following things could potentially mean the loss of a sale.

Don’t give buyers bargaining tools through lack of maintenance

The influence poorly maintained property will give to potential buyers of property, is vast. A buyer will almost always perform due diligence as a precaution. To this end, they will pick up hidden issues in your property, which leads to disappointment and sets you back. Alternatively, it also provides them with a bargaining tool for you to lower your price.

For these reasons and more, we highly recommend a full WOF on your property. Primarily, prior to selling it will outline underlying issues. resolved before listing a property. Likewise, regular maintenance checks also prove to be a good measure to take.

These are 6 of the potential issues and their tell-tale signs:


Always inspect the water meters.  Faults with leaky valves can be costly if not repaired.

Water heaters need to be checked for any leaks, strange noises and check the colour of the water which may indicate rust.

Water pressure issues can also indicate leaks, there are a number of ways to test this which includes the rate at which your toilet drains after a flush.

Main drains connecting to sewerage get blocked. These can not be seen by the naked eye.  A drain inspection may be required with a special camera.

Musty Smells & Stains

Smells will be one of the things that influence buyers of property. Make sure to take care of any damp smells and investigate their source.  This is something a buyer will have their nose finely tuned to.

Buyers will also be on the lookout for any stains which could indicate a previous leak.

If you don’t have an HRV system this could have a strong indication for a potential buyer that the property could be damp due to condensation.

Are their cracks in the walls, gaps in the skirtings or floors that slope?  These indicate to a buyer more work and cost, which will devalue your home instantly.

Peeling and bubbling paint will indicate that you have poor ventilation in the home.  For some buyers especially with underlying health issues, this is a big red flag.

Foundations and Structural

Things that will influence buyers, if your property is over 10 years old, include wear and tear. For the most part these could be issues that you are not even aware of.

It’s important if you want to be the best price that you investigate any potential problems that could have an effect on buyers’ decision making.

Regular Maintenance to your property will identify any issues before they arise.

Warning signs are areas that dip, the separation between walls and ceiling, sloping, cracks, and gaps.


Not everyone has a green thumb, so it is important to figure this into your property landscaping. 

Simple easily maintainable gardens are trending, and have great buyer appeal.

Are your irrigation systems easy to use with maximum coverage?

Are the access points to the garden safe for children?

Do trees overhang neighbours gardens or obstruct cables?

Window and Door Fittings

If you have cracks in your windows that could lead to a leak or cold air blowing into your home in winter.  Your power bills will be higher as a result, and potential buyers will be aware of this?

How about the latches, handles, and locks? These are easy fixes you can do to show buyers that you took care of your home and performed essential maintenance.

Is your home secure?  Broken windows, faulty latches, basement rooms with internal accessibility all pose a potential threat to a buyer’s own safety. If you do live in an area that has the threat of crime, installing a security system is an added bonus for most buyers.


In many instances, the driveway will be one of the first things that a potential buyer steps onto as they get out of their car.

If the surface is uneven, it could be deemed unsafe and a potential cause of unnecessary falls for family members.

A considerable lift or crack in a driveway may also indicate issues with foundations that may put a buyer off. It could be something as simple as a tree root. However, it is best to investigate.

Avoid Disappointment

Taking all of these pre-market measures on board before you list your property prevents unnecessary disappointment when your property falls short of the buyer’s expectations.

All costs will be offset, with the best price and a quick sale Afterall, that is the objective, isn’t it?

The advice that we give sellers is always based on tackling those problems that buyers like to use to undervalue your property.  Testimonials from our clients attest to the fact we only give advice that puts more money in your pocket not ours.  Our objective is always to maximise the potential of your property.

Services include but not limited to these on the website.  By the same token, we have an intricate network of tradespeople that we have worked with for many years. Specifically, we know they are the top of their game and have solutions for a variety of home improvements.

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