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Does New Carpet Add Value To Your Home?

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The most important thing to do when selling your home is to unplug your emotional attachment to it and view the property through the eyes of a newcomer.  

You may barely notice the threadbare carpet where generations of kids ran around the house, or smile at the memories inspired by the red wine stain next to the bed, but a potential purchaser will just see a problem they don’t want to deal with. 

Laying new carpet can transform the look and feel of a house, making it more appealing to buyers, and potentially even increase the appraisal value. 

Here’s why you might want to add some plush new carpet before you put your house on the market, and a few things you should consider before making the decision. 

Does New Carpet Add Value To Your Home? 

Make Life Simple For Your Buyers 

While there are a few renovation-mad buyers out there looking for a place to fix-up and flip, most buyers are regular people in search of a home, not a project. 

Even if you lower the price a little to allow for the fact that the new owners will need to replace the carpet, it’s a huge obstacle to many. Moving house is hard enough without organising new carpet, a fresh paint job, or other repairs.  

It is likely that purchasers will be willing to spend a few extra grand for a place that is ready to move into rather than choosing somewhere that needs work.  

Create A Fantasy 

Part of the psychology of selling a home is the ability for viewers to imagine themselves living there. This is why home staging is so successful. It creates a neutral space where people can visualise their own stuff in place of all your individual bits and pieces. 

If the first thing someone sees when they walk into your property is threadbare, ripped, or stained carpet, they immediately lose that comfort factor. On the other hand, if they sink their feet into plush, new carpet, they immediately feel cosy and at home. 

Neutralise And Modernise 

If your carpet is old, ripped, stained, outdated or even garish, it should be replaced before you sell.  

You would be surprised at the impact colour and design have on a room’s appearance. Dark colours make a visual impact, but can make rooms feel smaller. Whereas neutral, light colours lift the room and can give the illusion of more space.  

New carpet in the right tone can transform your house completely. 

Rather than try and be clever and creative, try to use the same (or very similar) colours throughout the house to tie it together. If you can only have the budget for certain areas, focus on key spaces like the living room and master bedroom. 

Examine The Flooring 

Not everyone wants a house with wall to wall carpeting. Beautifully finished wooden floors are in huge demand.  

If you discover hardwood floors lurking beneath the carpet then you can use them to your advantage! Tear up that carpet, restore those floors, and the value of your house could increase. Alternatively, you could install laminate or floating wooden floors instead of carpet. 

When selling your home, naturally you want to offer the best package possible to buyers. That way, you can encourage the best price. Damaged, ugly, or dated carpets can be hugely offputting to potential purchasers. They will either walk away and find something move-in ready or reduce their offer. It’s well worth the relatively small investment to make your home more appealing.  

So, if you are considering replacing your carpet before putting your house on the market, get in touch with us here at Market Ready. We are experts in new carpet and will help you transform your floors into something spectacular! Drop us a line today!