Do I need a small or large House Painting crew to paint my property?

Do I need a small or large House Painting crew to paint my property?

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Are you looking at house painting your property? That being the case, a question we get asked often, is “do I need a small or large crew to paint my property”? At Market Ready, we have both small and large painting crew. The reason being that no two house painting jobs are the same. Not only are there different time frames for completion but the budget and personal life also plays a key role.

It’s already pretty obvious that house painting gives your property a great first impression. It also is a good way to get rid of dated wallpaper and or gregarious colour schemes. Whether you are selling your property or just in need of a change. It is important that your home feels first and foremost clean and light. After our usually recommended de-clutter, our next best bit of advice would be in the investment in house painting.

But how do you know what size crew to get in?

Large Crew

Painting with a large painting crew can be time-saving if you are trying to meet a deadline. In particular, the hiring of scaffolding will considerably cut down on time. If you have a small weather window or are short on time before going to market, go large would be our best advice

Small Crew

Using a smaller crew also has its advantages. To this end a small team can paint from room to room, thus working around you and not the other way.

It always pays to look closely at your paintwork in your home. Walls that look faded from the sun or are too bright a colour will have a repercussions when it comes to a buyers decision making.

Finding it hard to make a decision?

If you are sitting on the fence about the expense of house painting to add value to your property. As previously stated, we’d like to remind you that buyers like new things!! The smell of the new carpet, and/or fresh paint provides most buyers with an emotional reaction. Psychologically it gives a sense of fresh new beginnings, which is what a home purchase should be.

If you’d like to know more about new carpet for your home, we’ve written a blog about it here. To view some examples of our painting you can see this in our services.

There are also many current painting trends that might be of interest. Normally we recommend keeping your colours as neutral as possible however feature doors or walls can have an impact.

If you would like to find out more about our Market Ready Painting Services, please contact Ian for a free consultation today.