House washing, the quickest way to make a great first impression

House washing, the quickest way to make a great first impression.

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Why we recommend house washing.

House washing sometimes known as pressure washing or water blasting is a cost-effective means of gaining instant results.  It is also the quickest way to make a great first impression.  At Market Ready, we honestly can’t recommend this enough, especially if you are looking to give your property a quick makeover.

The topmost effective use of a high power wash is to clean decking, driveways, paving stones, roofing, fences, and houses.  It also cleans outdoor furniture and rugs. All of these areas require different levels of pressure.

Have you ever held a power washer or water blaster before? Depending on the brand/type you would know,  that it is pretty powerful. For this reason and many others we recommend you use a professional and well-experienced house washing expert.

Reasons for house washing.

One reason you use a water blaster is to clean and prep the exterior of a house, ready to paint. Depending on where you live you may have dust, mould, bird droppings, stains and grime.   The exterior of the house can go unnoticed as it builds up over time. Regular maintenance would normally keep on top of this kind of build up but finding time to do this isn’t easy.

When to wash your house and safety concerns.

The summer months are always the best to complete maintenance on the exterior of your house. It shouldn’t only be when you are getting ready to sell.   Before you decide to water blast yourself, it is important to take the following safety factors of house washing under consideration.

·       Always make sure you are using the correct pressure hose for the type of clean.  If the pressure is too high you could cause damage if not used correctly.

·       If you aren’t prepping your home to paint ensure that the pressure hose you use is correct. If you don’t you could end up stripping the exterior paint when you  only want to clean it.

·       Always keep in mind older houses may have lead paint and in some extreme cases asbestos roofing. This is another really good reason to hire a  professional,   especially when dealing with these toxic substances.

·       There are varying degrees of pressure from different attachments. Some can reach as high as 1000 psi which is able to cut through a watermelon.  With this in mind, safety is a number one priority.

Are you looking to sell your property in the near future? A good pressure wash will certainly improve your homes curb appeal.  Another reason to give your property a clean is that it will expose other areas that require repair. Ideally you will want to do it before putting your property on the market. 

At Market Ready we have the knowledge and experience to complete all house washing tasks.  Call us for a quote today.

If you are still keen to do it yourself, Best Pick Reports offer you more tips for absolute beginners.