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Tiling and Turf a practical outdoors combination

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In our line of work, we are always looking for solutions to add value to a property. Tiling and Turf are becoming a favourite option for many of our clients as a practical outdoors solution.

Adapting to lifestyle changes

Urban planning changes, has resulted in many homeowners taking full advantage of initiatives such as the Unitary Plan of Auckland. They are achieving this in many cases by dividing their land to provide additional dwellings. The 1/4 acre plot, space once where children ran relay races, will soon be a distant memory. 

Even if the smell of fresh-cut grass and races on the garden leaves you a little nostalgic. By the same token, the reality is that we are having to adapt to living in smaller spaces. Particularly with today’s economic climate.

Some benefits of Tiling and Turf over traditional grass lawns are:

  1. They are easier to maintain
    • no lawnmowing contractors required 
    • easy to clean and replace when needed
    • limit watering
    • just need washing
    • no cutting required
  2. They are more practical
    • you can use the space all year long
    • no more worries of muddy footprints through the house
    • you can use the area for both recreational uses, or you can use it for seating
  3. They adapt to provide more accessibility to a given space
    • no matter how large or small, you can cut Tiles and Turf to your specifications
  4. They are safer
    • without grass, you can limit the ever-increasing prevalence of skin irritations for pets and grass allergies in children
    • soil can be host to several bacterias which are not safe for adults, children and beloved pets.

At Market Ready, we are highly experienced at putting solutions with Tile and Turf in place for many of our clients. In particular, it has provided significant improvements for our clients with added value.

Do you have an area of land that you’d like to improve? It could be that it is to add value to maximise your property or just for you to enjoy.

Whatever your situation, get in touch with Ian Morrow today for a free initial consult!