Top 5 Tips for writing Agent Bios that build your brand.

Top 5 Tips for Writing Agent Bios

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Writing Bios to build your personal brand

Why are these Top 5 Tips important? Writing bios is an art – not just a necessity. Consider it a great way to build your personal brand and to connect with your target market. A strong bio can help you get that listing and attract new clients. It is an opportunity to win their trust and for clients to see you as more than just a real estate agent. You will be elevated to someone they admire for your professional experience and abilities; maybe someone with a family, even a passion they might share, which could give you a headstart on any other agent looking to win the business.

Hiring a Professional Writer

Whether you hire me, as a professional writer – (believe me, it’s cost-effective and worth it) or do it yourself, try to follow these tips.

Top 5 tips for getting it right.

1. Include background experience & abilities.

2. Key strengths that set you apart.

3. Show you have a life outside work.

4. Keep it simple, concise – you can link to Linkedin & testimonials.

5. Use engaging, memorable language and vary your sentence structure.

Always review and proofread. Remember to add contact details and a call to action.


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