Why hiring a project manager for your renovation makes good sense.

Why hiring a Project Manager will save you time money and stress

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The Stress of Renovations is real.

“I don’t need a project manager, I can do it myself!! Does this sound familiar? It all seems pretty straight forward a the start of the renovation project… but lets fast forward…

It’s 8 am. A defiant toddler is throwing a tantrum on the floor. You have a business meeting at 9 am, and you still have to get to kindy!! It’s at this moment, your builder rings to say he’s going to be late informs you that a crucial piece of equipment is being delivered onsite and needs a signature. Plus, someone is coming to take measurements for the carpets. Hubby has left for work, and the stress starts to set in, and the day hasn’t even started!

What’s the Role of a Project Manager?

The Role of a project manager is to:

  • take responsibility for a renovation project from start to finish.  
  • they help to organise and lead a team of tradespeople to complete a set project

A project manager will also advise you on what will work for your family regarding any household disruption. Also, they will provide you with budgets for the whole scope of your renovation. They will then schedule the project from planning to completion, advise and assist with building permits, and select the best tradespeople and coordinate all the onsite meetings.

Now imagine if you had a Project Manager at the start of this project, they would handle all the day-to-day scheduling and management of the tradespeople.  

By hiring a Project Manager, you can concentrate on your family’s needs in the first instance. You will not need to arrange your work time according to site requirements, which allows you to focus on your business.

What are the Goals of a Project Manager?

Goal 1: Time management and Budget Control

As a project manager, the prime goal is to ensure completion by keeping with the allocated budget. More specifically, to do this without risking the standards of the finished project.

Goal 2: Project managers will help you hire “known” contractors in the fields of architecture, building, and other tradesmen required for the job. They will also be able to tender out the work to find people the best possible prices.

Goal 3: The project manager will ensure that the renovation project keeps the schedule to avoid unnecessary time and money. To this end, a project manager with experience will have the foresight and foresee where possible there are any stumbling blocks and will therefore have everything planned out to avoid delays.

Goal 4: Knowing current design trends and other utilities mean that by hiring a project manager, you can save money by getting the most up to date systems. For instance, using LED lighting is a more prevalent and efficient way to light your home.

How does a Project Manager save you money?

If you don’t know what a Project Manager does to save you money, here are some of the main points.

  1. Consult and then outsource the work to qualified tradespeople and specialists in the form of a tender to ascertain the best person for the job at the best price.
  2. Put together a detailed schedule, including all the work and “pre-work” required, which becomes a guide to keep the project on track.
  3. Liaison with all related parties such as building inspectors to make sure that regulations comply.
  4. Planning the delivery and receipt of all fixtures and fittings.
  5. Quality control of all items concerning the build to prevent any unnecessary delays.
  6. Evaluation of risk and health and safety to all parties
  7. Day to day solving issues and decision making, as a go-between you and the tradesmen working on your project.
  8. Most important, Budget Control to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

As you can see, there is a great deal to think about that can only add extra stress to your life. For these reasons alone, consider the value of hiring a professional to do the job.

Ian at Market Ready has over ten years of experience and a fantastic team of talented tradespeople. Not only will he help save money and time. More importantly, he will deliver a quality finished project on time and within budget.

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